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Celebrating Risen Life on Easter
Posted 04/18/2017 07:23PM

Dear Members of the Sacred Heart School Community,

Celebrating risen life on Easter, I share this photo montage of a remarkable sunrise on Navarre Beach. I woke up early one morning on my favorite beach a couple of months ago to this amazing view of the sun rising over the water. Even though it was very early, I sat down on the porch and simply watched this slow, silent movement of life emerging on the horizon. Sitting there for some time, the sky changed many times, only to create a deepening sense of awe and wonder.

My Easter has been like that experience of sunrise, a silent awakening of renewed hope and life, dawning on me in so many different ways over time. Waiting in silence, I could see something new in each moment. The effect was a quiet peace, a deep gratitude, and true joy for the sheer gift of life.

Easter happened in me early that morning. I hope that it finds you in some new, unexpected, and surprising ways.

Happy Easter to each one of you in the Sacred Heart community of the Rosary.

Sr. Melanie A. Guste, RSCJ

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