A Catholic, independent, college-prep school for girls, ages 1 – 12th grade.

Middle School

In our Middle School Tech Hangout, students spend their time learning the ins and outs of today's digital world: such as film production, coding, 3D printing, greenscreens, game making, responsible digital citizenship and more.

About Middle School:
Studies in Middle School are rigorous at Sacred Heart. At the same time, we take into consideration the special needs of girls this age. While we continue to give attention to skill building, we begin to shift the emphasis to higher-order thinking skills as well.

We emphasize writing, critical thinking and effective speaking in every subject. Inquiry, research, collaboration and finding connections are all essential components of our teaching process. Hands-on learning continues to be important for students at this level, and field trips and immersion days are interspersed throughout the year. Enrichment programs in subjects such as music, art, dance and physical education are also important elements to the learning process.

Students are heterogeneously grouped for classes. This allows them to get to know the students in their grade and to appreciate everyone’s unique talents. We carefully plan the transition from Middle School to Upper School.

National Honor Society
Pursuing the goals of scholarship, leadership, and service, the National Honor Society wants to help students in need. Any student in the Upper and Middle Schools can request a tutor and teachers or parents can request a tutor for a student. NHS tutoring is limited to once a week and ten sessions with the same tutor each semester. >>Learn more here.

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Rosary Campus
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