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The devices and lessons that ASH provides allow me to solve diverse problems and explore different types of technology. ASH provides resources I can use outside of school to further my knowledge in Computer Science.Lilly moreau, 21 

Going to a Catholic School helped me see how God works in everyone’s lives. I see God in my friends, family, teachers and in everything that I do. emma mcfadden, 19

Having a desire to put the needs of others before my own has motivated me to help those in my community … the empathy and understanding I develop from each experience contributes to my passion for serving others.  emily Leblanc, 21

With chess at Sacred Heart, we learned a lot … I like how the queen can do anything she wants because she is really powerful and can help you win.
lacey c, 30

Being a leader means knowing people respect my work ethic, and they know that I am putting in the time and effort it takes to succeed.
May Manning, 21

Global Exchange is an easy way to travel, explore, and learn about another country's culture. I met new people who have become lifelong friends … I have gone to Greenwich, Connecticut; Vienna, Austria; and Lille, France. elise vicKERY, 19

I like doing smart things … playing with play doh and coloring pictures. I love being with my friends, singing songs and it was fun talking into a microphone.Cecilia c, 33

In Financial Literacy, we learned the ins and outs of everything business. I know about mortgages, insurance, liability, working with coworkers, scheduling, loans, grants … this class made me ready for the business world. Avery unger, 19

My school supports me in all that I do. They allow me to enjoy my hobbies by having arts in my regular schedule. Anything can be accomplished if enough effort is put in.
amelie bent, 23

Where do SACRED HEART GIRLS go to College?

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