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Global Minded

The mission of Sacred Heart's global education is to form students who are aware of their moral and ethical responsibilities in a globalized world.

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Design Thinking

We apply a design thinking mindset in our students to challenge themselves and create impactful solutions to real-world issues.

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Sustainable Hearts

We infuse age-appropriate levels of awareness and respect for our environment at the individual, family and community level.

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Digital Forward

As the media landscape changes online, we equip students with integrated digital technology at every level.

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Inspired HeARTS

The arts are integral to our philosophy of educating the whole child and are integrated across various curriculum starting in Little Hearts through Upper School.

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Voices of Sacred Heart

Libby Talbot '23: on Publishing

Many of my Sacred Heart English teachers supported me in my publishing journey. My class had the greatest impact on my journey. They supported me endlessly and would always check in on the progress of my stories.
-- Libby Talbot '23

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Elodie S '26: on Global Ed Service

Experiencing the unique culture of Nicaragua, engaging in the Spanish language, and meeting many amazing new people has given me a new perspective on the global reach that Sacred Heart students have to make a difference in the world.
-- Elodie S '26

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Adelaide D '24: on Service

Spending time in Chinandega, Nicaragua allowed us to be selfless and compassionate. We were reminded of how fortunate we are and that there is much joy to be had without even the simplest of luxuries, such as water. 
-- Adelaide D '24

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Greer McKendrick '12: on Growth

Sacred Heart served as a place of growth that helped shape the woman I’ve become. Through the many friendships I developed to the long-lasting education, Sacred Heart has instilled in me fundamental values and goals.
--Greer McKendrick '12

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Rachel Ann Encalarde '95: on Growth

As a female in a strong male-dominated industry, it takes schools like Sacred Heart to offer a safe space for girls to grow, learn and thrive in their own way.
--Rachel Ann Encalarde '95

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Emily Scullin '05: on Career Goals

I felt prepared to approach college and beyond with the foundation that Sacred Heart provided … an atmosphere that supports and empowers girls to pursue future educational and career goals.  
--Emily Scullin '05

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Julia Wood '23: on Financial Literacy

Financial literacy taught me the importance of teamwork, time management, and the constant need to problem solve ... everyone should take this class if given the opportunity. 
-- Julia Wood '23

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Emma Mattesky '09: on Culture

Sacred Heart is a rich, generative school culture that creates a deep sense of belonging in anyone who becomes a member. It's a community led by highly courageous women who remind us of our history and on whose shoulders we stand.
-- Emma Mattesky '09

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Devron Barreca '22: on SharkTank

The time spent researching, practicing, and participating in SharkTank was the most inspiring aspect of the Financial Math Literacy class because it instilled confidence and courage in me after having to present in front of a large audience.
-- Devron Barreca '22

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Ariane Callender '08: on Foundations

Sacred Heart has become a symbol of everything I love and appreciate most in life – a strong education, loving family, lifelong friends, and a vibrant city. Sacred Heart is more than a school; it's my foundation. 
-- Ariane Callender '08

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