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What's the Sacred Heart Difference?


Sustainable Hearts

We infuse age-appropriate levels of awareness of and respect for our environment at the individual, family and community level.

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global education

Global Minded

The mission of Sacred Heart's global education is to form students who are aware of their moral and ethical responsibilities in a globalized world.

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Design Thinking

We apply a design thinking mindset in our students to challenge themselves and create impactful solutions to real-world issues.

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Financial Literacy

We teach students how to run their own small business in our financial math literacy course in partnership with PJ's Coffee on campus.

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Digital Forward

As the media landscape changes online, we equip students with integrated digital technology at every level.

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Meet the Many Voices of Sacred Heart

olivia mcgoey testimonial

Play for each other. Whether it's a training session or championship game, if you ever feel discouraged or tired, look at your teammates standing next to you and take that extra stride for them! Olivia, 21

ellender walpole hurricane drive testimonial

We did a food drive so that people who got hit by the hurricane in Honduras can get some useful things like toiletries, food, drinks and kids' things so they can keep on living.ellender, 29 

hero homepage slider financial literacy image

As we run our own business on campus, we are responsible for our output and our customer experience ... and we regularly have to facilitate communication with our target consumers and administration. Sarah, 21

Having a desire to put the needs of others before my own has motivated me to help those in my community … the empathy and understanding I develop from each experience contributes to my passion for serving others.  emily, 21

may manning testimonial pic

Being a leader means knowing people respect my work ethic, and they know that I am putting in the time and effort it takes to succeed.
May, 21

NewsFlash and Digital Media are really fun classes. ASH introduced the responsibility of electronics to us during Middle School, which really prepared me to work in the digital media environment.

I like doing smart things … playing with play doh and coloring pictures. I love being with my friends, singing songs and it was fun talking into a microphone.Cecilia, 33

Global Exchange is an easy way to travel, explore, and learn about another country's culture. I met new people who have become lifelong friends … I have gone to Greenwich, Connecticut; Vienna, Austria; and Lille, France. elise, 21

We have an amazing Innovation Lab with so many gadgets and tools ... when I first learned to program robots, I thought, ‘Wow, this opens me to a whole new world.’

maddie ben testimonial image

My favorite role in NewsFlash is definitely anchoring. I really enjoyed working without a script ... it made filming so much more fun and more natural on screen. MADDIE, 20 

shannon plough testimonial photo

I love the sciences, specifically anatomy and physiology. Medicine and working with the human body has always fascinated me.SHANNON, 20 

Wesley Warren in Venice testimonial image

Global Exchange has really changed the person I have become by giving me the opportunity to learn on my own. I hope everyone takes the chance to visit somewhere, learn and experience the differences.

Pierce Gibbons testimonial

Cherish the time with your class because the time really does fly by. There is nothing like the bond that Sacred Heart girls have with each other, so make the most of it.Pierce, 20 

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