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College Counseling

The College Counseling Program is a comprehensive program that educates students in grades five through twelve within the scope of the Goals and Criteria for the Network of Sacred Heart Schools. Each child is seen as a unique reflection of God’s vision and it is through this lens that we view each student’s individualized plan as they begin the dialogue with their family and within the Sacred Heart community about college testing, college options, and scholarship opportunities. 

Because choosing a college is an important milestone, the college counseling program is a personalized and supportive one, designed to help each student navigate the complexities involved in the college search and application process. With over three thousand colleges and universities to choose from, students search for colleges to meet their academic, social, and economic needs. The goal is to find a college or university that will enrich the life of the person within.

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Allie A. Timberlake, M.A., College Counselor & AP Coordinator

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