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Come broaden your world. ASH Global Exchange program.

Recently, 77 students in grades 8-12 participated in our global exchange program in 8 countries. Evert year during our campus Exchange Fair, students share their experiences with fellow ASH prospective global exchange students. Chile, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Japan, Australia ... where would you like to go on exchange? 
Qualified students in grades 8-12 can take advantage of Sacred Heart's unique exchange program, staying with a host family and attending another school in the national or international Sacred Heart Network for several weeks.
Past participants have attended schools in France, Chile, the U.K., Ireland, Peru, Austria, Spain and Australia. And they consistently rate the experience as one of the most formative of their young lives, in terms of broadening their perspective and building lifelong friendships.
One important component of our exchange program is reciprocity. Our Rosary students attend school and live with a Sacred Heart family in another country. Before or after her trip, the Rosary student in turn will host an international student in New Orleans. Hosting allows our students to view their own country, culture and lifestyle through the eyes of their exchange student – and costs are minimal.

Global Education (the program)

In 2006, the Network of the Sacred Heart Schools mandated that schools begin the process of integrating global education into the total Sacred Heart educational experience.
The purpose of this initiative is to further our mission in creating an international character of Sacred Heart education and help to foster an important global awareness in our students as we strive to build a more just world. We do this through engaging our students and faculty in service opportunities that have a global perspective, student exchanges, liturgies, interfaith experiences, international celebrations and speakers on global issues.

International Travel & Service

Academy of the Sacred Heart partners with several different International NGOs and Nonprofits that promote literacy, education, clean water, and a healthy planet. Our girls are given the opportunity to work with these partners and travel the world while giving back to those most in need. That’s how our girls change the world!

How does Global Exchange work?

  • Rosary students contact the exchange coordinator to express interest and discuss options
  • Exchange coordinator sends announcements to students and families about foreign exchange Sacred Heart students who want to visit the Rosary in New Orleans

How much does it cost?

  • There is no school fee to participate
  • Families buy airline ticket, medical insurance for the trip, a passport and any necessary Visas
  • Families provide housing, meals and sightseeing for the foreign student that they host
  • Rosary students must bring pocket money
  • On chaperoned group exchange trips, the families pay the expenses for the chaperone and sightseeing for their daughters on some school days

What are the dates of travel?

  • 8th grade length of trip typically one week
  • 9-12th grade length two-four weeks
  • Please ask the exchange coordinator for a copy of the program description which has details about the number of school days that will be excused
  • There is no travel or hosting in December or May due to exams

How long are the exchange trips?

  • 8th grade students schedule 1 week trips
  • 9-12th grade students travel for 2-4 weeks

What is expected from a host family?

A host family is responsible for:

  • Transportation to and from the airport
  • Room and board in home, including school lunch
  • Daily transportation to and from school
  • Offering a home for the students with the same expectations for behavior and schedules they have for their own daughters
  • Sightseeing in New Orleans
Questions about Global Exchange?
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Lisa Crow, Global Exchange Coordinator