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Welcome to the libraries at Academy of the Sacred Heart! Located on the Mater Campus, the Lower School Library works with both Preschool and Lower School students. With a focus on instilling a love of reading and introducing students to the research process, the Lower School Library has a comprehensive curriculum that graduates students ready and prepared for the challenges they’ll face in Middle School. On the Rosary Campus, the Mother Soniat Library provides for all of our Middle and Upper School students. With the aim of continuing in the quest to produce students with a life-long love of reading and further developing their research skills, the Soniat Library works collaboratively with both students and teachers in order to best meet the needs of the curriculum.

Our Mission

At Academy of the Sacred Heart, the mission of the library is to create a safe and supportive community providing a central hub of activity supporting student learning and achievement. As a center for collaboration, students, teachers and librarians can work with one another to utilize opportunities to integrate information literacy skills and classroom curriculum standards. The librarians support this goal by guiding students along the path to becoming critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers and ethical users of information. We ensure that students reach their potential as independent, lifelong learners by empowering them to be effective users of ideas and information. It is our mission to matriculate students who feel confident accessing, evaluating and utilizing the resources that they will encounter in their future endeavors.

Visiting Authors & Speakers Series

Academy of the Sacred Heart believes that every student – from the youngest of ages to the graduating senior – should read, hear and be exposed to the top contemporary writers and speakers of our day. View Recent Visitors > 

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Visiting Authors & Speakers


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Soline holmes headshot 2019

Soline Holmes, Mater Campus Librarian

Elizabeth granzow headshot 2019

Elizabeth Granzow, Mater Campus Librarian

Diane Aiken headshot 2019

Diane Aiken, Middle School Librarian

Kelly quest headshot 2019

Kelly Quest, Upper School Librarian