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Lower School at ASH

Prekindergarten – Grade 4

In our Lower School Tech Café, students engage in various computer science applications such as coding, 3D printing, greenscreen movie making and more.

About lower school

Our Lower School spans from grades one through four. During these years, we place particular emphasis on the developmental stages and learning styles of each student. Teachers use programs geared to those concerns and provide a solid foundation in basic skills needed to master the subject matter. Art, music, religion, French and science programs further enrich the learning experience. Students are encouraged to integrate the material into their lives and become joyous learners in the process.

Girls are encouraged to be independent and take responsibility for their learning. Teachers and parents work closely together to help them with age-appropriate study and organizational skills. The Lower School program is rooted in love and strives to help students share their unique gifts and to appreciate the gifts of others. Emphasis is placed on effective communication skills as they lay the foundation of lasting friendships.

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Shara Hammet, Lower School Division Head

Ashley Zito, Director of Admission

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