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Grades 1-4 Program

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At Sacred Heart, we seek to nurture the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and physical growth of our students as we engage their hearts and minds in a love of learning.

Through student-centered curriculum that is both academically rigorous and innovative, students develop as independent, creative thinkers with the tools to excel in their future endeavors.

We place emphasis on the developmental stages and learning styles of each student. Teachers and parents work closely to help students with age-appropriate study and organizational skills, and focus is placed on effective communication skills as they lay the foundation of lasting friendships.

With increasing maturity, students are encouraged to be more independent and take responsibility for their learning. Ask questions. Meet with teachers. Initiate a new idea for a club. This is where the seeds of confidence and leadership are rooted.

“This is an amazing school and you will make really good friends. You can have treats after Mass called goûter ... it is so yummy.”
-Annabelle '29
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How is literacy different at ASH?

Our balanced approach to literacy includes multiple components including Reading and Writing Workshop as well as Wilson Fundations.

However, it isn’t just our curriculum that makes literacy at ASH special – it’s how we use those different facets to create a blended, cohesive approach that allows reading, writing, speaking, and listening to come together as one. We teach readers and writers, not a curriculum.

Beyond reading and writing, students engage with a variety of texts, listen attentively and synthesize information, and express themselves independently.

Program highlights include:

  • ls design lab image
    Tech Café, Art Studio & Science Lab
  • Worm garden for composting
  • Interactive, innovative and engaging library
  • World Languages
  • Global Education Projects: Building a community of student leaders who work together to improve the state of the world
  • Student Support & Lower School Learning Specialist
  • Nutritious Snack Stand: Provides service learning opportunities where all proceeds support student selected charities
  • Grades 1-4 Intramural Sports 
  • Various clubs such as Conservation Communications Club, Chess and more

After-School Programs & PLUS

After-school enrichment programs allow students a chance to try out new opportunities and have fun – right here at ASH! Learn more about Afternoons at ASH >

Currently offered by semester, PLUS is a fee-based after-school service designed to allow Little Hearts-Grade 4 students choice time during the after school hours in a safe and supportive environment. Learn more about PLUS >

PLUS offers after-school care from the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m.

NOTE: After-school programs currently suspended due during COVID-19

Lower School Learning