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Group Guidance & Play

Building a Lifetime of Relationship Skills 

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In the Counseling Program, all students in grades one through four have the opportunity to participate in the building of community as a Christian value through Playroom activities and Group Guidance sessions that are pertinent to the developmental age of the students.

Play Group allows students to take responsibility to make their own appointment to engage in socialization and play with their classmates during lunch and/or recess.

Our approach considers the nature of human development, including the general stages that individuals experience as they mature into an adolescent. In short, we help shape a positive self-concept and self-awareness formed through faith, experience and learning.

“Sacred Heart is just like a neighborhood. It’s where you make ALL the friends you would ever want to make.”
-Kennedy '29

Topical Grade Level

With a variety of resources and cross-divisional support, the Counseling Department works as a whole to support students in furthering their educational, physical, social and emotional well-being. Across grade levels, topics encompass social, emotional learning and include self awareness, communication skills, conflict resolution, decision making, and relationship building skills. 


We welcome and encourage parent consultations with the administration and faculty to assist in making the Developmental Counseling program an integral part of supporting each individual child's needs.

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Shara Hammet, Lower School Division Head

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Jennifer Adams, Instructional Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

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Ashley Zito, Director of Admission