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Sophie’s Spirit 

Learning to Inspire and Lead from the Heart

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Inspired by our foundress, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Sophie’s Spirit is a campus ministry club open to third and fourth graders designed to develop leadership, planning, and public speaking skills while enriching the spiritual life at the Mater Campus. 

During the club period, members of Sophie’s Spirit work collaboratively to reflect and plan for school wide events including morning assembly. The unique perspectives of the third and fourth grade students offer student centered and engaging presentations during assemblies enjoyed by the entire Preschool and Lower School community. 

Lower School religion focuses on Jesus as a way to come to know the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Students pray and listen to scripture stories and are encouraged to find the presence of Jesus within everyone. 

“I love Sacred Heart because every day you feel like you belong.”
-Amelia '29
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Activities & Clubs 

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From field trips and off-campus learning to community service and holiday celebrations, students in Preschool and Lower School engage in enriching experiences that expand their minds.


Espacio is a Spanish word meaning space. This Sacred Heart tradition is practiced globally by stopping each day as a Lower School community to pray, to listen and to hear the word of God.

Monday Assembly

We begin each week with an assembly gathered to prepare for the upcoming events, listen to announcements, and enjoy music focused on a monthly theme. Themes are pulled from our school-wide prayer and include hopes, journey, new frontiers, service of life, heartbeat, solidarity, transforms us, and love. 

Friday Chapel

At the end of each week, Preschool and Lower School students attend Chapel to celebrate the upcoming Sunday Gospel with scripture, sacred music, and a child-friendly homily to encourage the spread of the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  

Mater Campus Clubs include:

  • C3 (pronounced C Cubed), Conservation Communicators Club
  • Handbell Club 
  • Fun in the Field of Finance and Fashion
  • Designing the Game: Play for Fun and Play to Win
  • Sophie’s Spirit 
  • Global Exchange Liaison 
  • Heartfulness 
  • Strike! Bowling  
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Shara Hammet, Lower School Division Head

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Jennifer Adams, Instructional Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

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Ashley Zito, Director of Admission