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Sustainable Roots

Our Hearts are One with our Earth

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Discovering and practicing ways to conserve resources is woven into our Preschool and Lower School mission, which call us to teach respect for creation and prepare our students to be good stewards of the earth's resources. 

Students engage in meaningful lessons on proper recycling and thoughtful conservation. Engineering skills are practiced as students design and create models that seek to help our environment including, water filters and windmills.  

Helping others through peer education is practiced in our Conservation Communicators Club where the love of caring for the Earth takes root within our hearts.

“If I could make a change in the world, it would be to try to stop pollution and plastic waste because I want our world to be nice and clean.”
-Keira '29
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The ASH Green Means Pledge 

Green Means I PLEDGE to do my part in making the Earth a secure and hospitable environment for my generation and the next. 

Going green extends beyond any recycling campaign. It’s a conscious choice to take a stand against what’s convenient, and instead become wise stewards of the environment we live in – one that sustains us, our families, our communities and generations to come. 


Worms in Preschool: Preschool students discover how worms eat leftover food and break it down to create nutritional soil for plants. Students also learn how to take care of the worms including feeding and keeping their space clean.

You Grow Garden: Second graders investigate options for planting and growing our school garden. Students are responsible for caring for the garden, and they collaborate to decide on where to plant their crop. 

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Shara Hammet, Lower School Division Head

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Jennifer Adams, Instructional Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

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Ashley Zito, Director of Admission