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Preparing Responsible Digital Citizens for a Global Community

ls digital citizenship

Preschool and Lower School students learn the skills necessary to be members of a digital community. Important ideas such as showing respect and concern, and being polite and respectful allow even our youngest students to come to know and understand the balance that comes with navigating the online and offline world.

This intentional and purposeful approach allows students to develop the self discipline necessary to make responsible decisions in a digital world. 

Students work with computers in their classes to enhance their regular curriculum work, to develop higher order thinking skills, and to become self-confident and independent in using the computer as a learning tool. 

“My favorite class is computer because I like doing “tech-y” things.”
-Birdie '29

Computer Skillset

ls digital citizenship

Students are engaged with computer skills once per week in the Tech Café with a variety of software programs designed to enrich class activities. 

Topics include:

  • Identifying the parts of a computer
  • Basic computer terminology
  • Proper handling and care 
  • Use of strategies in educational games
  • Viewing multiple solutions to problems
  • Visual spatial skills, creativity and memory building
  • Basic web design
  • Intro to Coding (i.e.,, Scratch, Kodable)
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Google platform, drive and apps

Our iSafe © program which equips students with the critical thinking and problem solving skills they need to help them make safe and responsible decisions in our technological world.

iPads and Google Chromebooks are incorporated through a variety of educational apps to encourage creativity and student learning. 

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Inside the Tech Café

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Shara Hammet, Lower School Division Head

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Jennifer Adams, Instructional Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

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Ashley Zito, Director of Admission