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Middle School at ASH

Grades 5–8

About Middle School

The course of studies in the Middle School is rigorous. At the same time, it takes into consideration the developmental needs of the Middle School student. While there is continual attention to skill building, the emphasis begins to shift to higher order thinking skills. Writing, thinking, and speaking clearly are emphasized in every subject. Inquiry, search, questioning causes, and finding connections are all essential components of the pedagogical process. Hands-on learning continues to be important. Field trips and immersion days are interspersed throughout the year.

All students are grouped for various subjects and are re-grouped for Advisory Groups. In this way, they are able to know a wider variety of students in their grade. The transition from Middle School to Upper School is carefully planned with several events to introduce the eighth grade students to Upper School.

Project-Based Learning is integrated into the curriculum helping students create cross-curricular connections to explore, problem-solve, and write about a particular broad topic of study under faculty supervision.

MS Curriculum Overview

Students in the Middle School develop new skills in an engaging interdisciplinary, inquiry-based program. As students travel through ancient civilizations in fifth grade to contemporary America in the eighth grade, they are provided with opportunities to read literature to expand their understanding of an era, conduct research to delve deeper into concepts, and debate and compose arguments from myriad perspectives. Throughout their academic experience, students leverage technology to master new concepts and are challenged to deepen knowledge through analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and creativity. 

STEAM units of study are an integral part of the Middle School experience and are designed to hone students’ ability to innovate and problem solve. They include:

  • Opportunities to apply science, technology, engineering and math skills through design thinking exercises
  • Hands-on utilization of the Rosary Campus Innovation Lab and Makerspace
  • Performing arts and studio art classes are woven in projects throughout a student’s day
  • Social and emotional development is enhanced via weekly chapels, assemblies, advisory groups, and participation in a structured counseling and guidance program
  • Students participate in retreats and field trips that complement and enrich their academic program
Middle School Advisory Program

As part of the transition into Middle School, an academic advisor, an assigned faculty member, works closely with students to build confidence in academic, social and emotional learning. Working closely with the Dean of Students and Counseling department, the advisor meets regularly with the student to help her achieve her academic and personal goals, to act as liaison between school and home, and to serve as a support on campus.

MIDDLE School by the numbers:

200,000+ ~ Pages read during the summer reading program

$7,750+ ~ Since 2015, raised by students for H2O for Life, a service-learning program designed to engage, educate, and inspire youth to become global citizens

4 ~ Goal 1/Goal 4 grade level retreats

75% ~ Of Middle School students participate on at least one athletic team

4 ~ Trophies earned at the National Tournament for Academic Games League

22 ~ New students joining the ASH community for the 22-23 school year

7 ~ Sports teams in Middle School

4 ~ State of the art learning spaces added to the third floor

180 ~ Middle School led chapels each year

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Laurie Friedrichs headshot 2019

Laurie Friedrichs, Middle School Division Head

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Ashley Zito, Director of Admission

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