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Preschool: Where the love of learning begins

Prekindergarten & Kindergarten

Named in the top 3 of "Gambit's Best Nursery/Preschool in New Orleans" three years in a row, our Preschool program nurtures the innate sense of wonder each girl has about herself and her world – a gift from God. Throughout Preschool, we guide her in a loving, Christian atmosphere, rooted in our mission and in tune with her abilities and potential. Our developmental curriculum emphasizes the joy of discovery and enables her to develop a positive self-concept, a love of learning and essential readiness skills.


Encouraging creativity is a priority. Children take part in self-directed play as well as supervised lessons and activities that facilitate motivated, meaningful learning. Using a variety of educational methods, we provide learning centers where each girl is free to explore individual interests, exercise initiative, take risks, cultivate peer relationships, and develop resourcefulness and responsibility. We enhance language development with language arts lessons, storytelling, dramatic role playing, and sharing and recording personal experiences. And we promote problem solving and complement math readiness activities and science with blocks, games, and puzzles.

Proper placement in the earliest years is important for school success. Teachers and administrators carefully monitor each girl’s progress and communicate regularly with parents.


The Preschool Makerspace provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, experiment, build and invent as they develop independence, and self-regulation. Students have a variety of tools and materials they can use, such as Popsicle sticks, recycled materials, string, tape, and low temp glue guns. All of the materials create an atmosphere that enables making, problem solving, creativity, effective communication and collaboration. Read more >


Academy of the Sacred Heart believes that every student – from the youngest of ages to the graduating senior – should read, hear and be exposed to the top contemporary writers and speakers of our day. View Recent Visitors > 

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Visiting Authors & Speakers

What is Global Education at Sacred Heart?

Global education is intrinsic to our identity and mission at Sacred Heart. Global education serves as a pathway on which students come to discover and understand themselves, their world and our connections to each other. Read more >


1 ~ Preschool makerspace and design thinking teachers added to Prek & K

1 ~ Preschool STEM teacher added to Prek & K

1 ~ faculty attended professional development at the Library of Congress 

1 ~ Renovated fine arts room with spacious areas and plenty of windows with natural lighting for inspiration

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Shara Hammet, Lower School Division Head

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Kris Blamphin, Instructional Coordinator/Administrative Assistant

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Ashley Zito, Director of Admission

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