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Global Education at ASH

What is Global Education at Sacred Heart?
Global education is intrinsic to our identity and mission at Sacred Heart. Global education serves as a pathway on which students come to discover and understand themselves, their world and our connections to each other.

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Why is Global Education important to ASH?
In Lower School, we begin to support our girls on the journey to becoming globally competent citizens. We intentionally design aspects of our curriculum to build global competencies such as collaboration, recognizing perspectives, engaging in effective communication, and taking action. As students continue to build these competencies from grade-to-grade, they become more prepared for national and international exchange experiences in MS and US, and to live our mission as people of faith in action. 

What kind of activities do students do in relation to Global Education at ASH?
In each grade level, students participate in units of study which are designed to teach and build important global competencies in our girls. For example, in third grade students developed their ability to recognize others’ perspectives and to effectively communicate through their participation in a long term unit on the study of the contributions of women in the field of space exploration. Third graders researched the lives, struggles, and accomplishments of female astronauts, engineers, and mathematicians, many of whom had been historically unacknowledged for their roles in the advancement of this field. The girls then created and shared presentations and writing pieces with their school and family communities, developing multimodal communication skills.  This unit allowed our girls the opportunity to engage in thoughtful study and dialogue about the importance of valuing the perspectives of others including groups/individuals who may be underrepresented. 

By the end of the year, what do students know about Global Education?
Students work to build global competencies such as communication and perspective-taking throughout their time at Sacred Heart and into adulthood. We think of these competencies as a combination of knowledge + skills + disposition that are developed over a lifetime, not those that can be measured and checked off at the end of the school year.

Why is Global Education an important foundation for the rest of their education at ASH or as a person?
Our global education curriculum at Sacred Heart supports our commitment to form global citizens and leaders who serve with faith, intellect, and compassion. To learn how the principles of Global Education are integrated through the Network of Sacred Heart schools, click here >