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Meet the Class of 2020

Eva Dreiling '20: (University of Alabama)

eva dreiling class of 2020

How long have you attended Sacred Heart?
14 years

What are your future plans for college and beyond?
I am so excited to be attending the University of Alabama next year. Right now I plan to major in kinesiology in hopes of pursuing a career in physical therapy.

What is your favorite Sacred Heart memory?
It’s hard to choose just one favorite memory. I’ve loved absolutely everything about my time at ASH and wouldn’t have changed any part of it. My favorite memories are the moments that I have bonded most with my class such as Rally or retreat. My memories from our time in the senior lounge are also some of my favorite moments from school because it helped our grade grow so much closer and interact with each other more.

What would you like to say to your younger ASH sisterhood?
 The most important piece of advice I want to give to the younger girls at ASH is to make the most of your time inside the school and to cherish the relationships you have with your class. Not being able to finish my senior year on campus at Sacred Heart is one of the hardest things I have had to come to peace with. Being away from the school and my sisters has made me appreciate everything so much more and made me realize that the little moments count the most. High school flew by for me, and though I enjoyed every second of it, I already wish I could turn back the clock and do it all over again. 

What will you miss about Sacred Heart?
 I’m going to miss everything about Sacred Heart, but mostly I am going to miss my amazing class with my 37 sisters that I will be bonded to for life. I am going to miss the familiarity and comfort of the building and all of the traditions that makes Sacred Heart so special.

List of accomplishments:
I am so proud to have been a part of so many successful teams during my time at ASH. I have made so many friends and amazing memories with the Cross Country team and the Soccer team. I am blessed that I have been able to be a part of such a close and strong team that has won the Cross Country state championship for so many consecutive years, and I will miss everyone dearly. Though we never made it to the finals in Soccer, I have loved seeing the team evolve throughout the seasons and growing close with everyone on the team. I was also on student council throughout high school and was a member of peer support for my junior and senior years; I had so much fun being a part of both programs!


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