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Meet the Class of 2020

Madison “Maddie” Ben '20: (Birmingham-Southern College)

maddie ben class of 2020

How long have you attended Sacred Heart?
15 years

What are your future plans for college and beyond?
I will attend Birmingham-Southern College and major in pre-med biology. I hope to become a successful plastic surgeon.

What is your favorite Sacred Heart memory?
My favorite Sacred Heart memories are the ones I probably shouldn’t tell ... just kidding. My favorite memories are definitely the final days of school leading up to Prize Day, which is my favorite tradition of Sacred Heart. Those last days of school are so much fun for us and really embody the tight knit family we are.

What would you like to say to your younger ASH sisterhood?
I just want y’all to know that yes this is hard, but every now and then something has to happen to keep us on our toes. My first year at Sacred Heart was 2005, aka the year Hurricane Katrina hit. And my last year here is COVID-19. That’s just how the cookie crumbled for us, but this will make it so much better for y’all in years to come. I want y’all to enjoy as much time together as you can and make the moments really count. You never know if or when they’ll be taken from you.

What will you miss about Sacred Heart?
I’ll miss being around the people who know me better than anyone else in the world. I’ll miss being able to walk down the hall, and accidentally have a 20 minute conversation. I’ll miss having a sense of comfort in knowing that I’m home when I’m at school.  

List of accomplishments:
Cheer for 4 years; Basketball manager 3 years; Washington and Lee book award; Zulu Big Shot Scholarship Award; 3 reciprocal exchanges in the ASH exchange program (France freshman year, Austria sophomore year, and Spain junior year): District Rally for Biology I


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