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Aleyea '23: on Leadership

Aleyea '23: on Leadership

aleyea mogilles voices of ash

What interested you in joining the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council?

I became interested in the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) after hearing about their involvement with legislatures and forming bills. I knew that this would be a great opportunity for me since I am extremely interested in lawmaking. 

What does being a Sacred Heart leader mean to you?

Being a leader at Sacred Heart has showed me that everyone should be represented and respected. My peers have taught me to be grateful for the opportunity to lead and I hold the same mentality in all that I lead.

What are your future aspirations? 

I would like to become a corporate lawyer who works with newly formed business of color. I also want to own commercial real estate and help develop lower income communities throughout New Orleans. I am open to the idea of representing our congressional district since I recently spoke with Representative Freeman during our visit to the capitol. 

How did you hear about the Louisiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council?

The former college counselor, Mrs. Allie Pierson, recommended this council to me. I have been very interested in becoming more involved within my community and LYAC is the perfect place to start. 

How long have you attended Sacred Heart?

I am a lifer at Sacred Heart, this means that I have attended ASH since I was two years old. 

What is your favorite Sacred Heart memory?

My favorite Sacred Heart memory is Rally. I enjoy spending time with my entire grade and seeing us all come together to win!