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Charlotte J '26: on Robotics

charlotte johnston testimonial 2019

How does ASH inspire you with coding and technology?
ASH inspires me in coding because we have an amazing Innovation Lab with so many gadgets and tools, which motivates me to code.

What programming aspects interest you most?
The programming aspect that I like the most is turning the robot, because it’s trial and error. You don’t know the exact measurements until you try them

How does ASH support your curiosity in coding and technology?
When I first learned to program the robots, I thought in my head, “Wow, this opens me to a whole new world.”

What do you like about coding and how does it challenge?
The thing I like about coding is that when you accomplish something, you can celebrate with all of three people that worked on the challenge. I also like working with peers, because it brings us closer together. It is challenging because you don’t know which codes are the right ones.