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Devron '22: on SharkTank

devron barreca financial literacy

What did financial math literacy teach you about being a business owner?
Financial math literacy taught me that being flexible, hardworking, and consistent are necessary characteristics of a good business owner. 
What is your favorite part of the Financial Literacy class?
My favorite part of the financial math literacy class is getting to work with my classmates in the mornings to serve drinks and food to other students. 
What advice would you give others about enrolling in Financial Literacy?
To anyone enrolling in Financial Math Literacy: Do not stress the small things like making a drink wrong or breaking a blender. All mistakes are part of the learning process and will serve as funny memories spent with friends in the PJs kitchen that you can look back on.
What was the most inspiring aspect of Financial Math Literacy class?
The time spent researching, practicing, and participating in SharkTank was the most inspiring aspect of the Financial Math Literacy class because it instilled confidence and courage in me after having to present in front of a large audience.
What are your future plans for college or career path interest?
After 16 years at ASH, I will be attending Ole Miss. Taking this class helped me conceptualize my career in the financial industry, as I will major in finance. 
What is your favorite Sacred Heart memory?
My favorite Sacred Heart memory has been eating lunch in the front courtyard with my friends every day for the past 16 years.