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Elise Garvey '18: on Catholic Education

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How has your Catholic education impacted you today?

My Catholic education has been truly invaluable to me throughout my time at Sacred Heart and beyond. My graduating class has been extremely close since day one, during which time we have participated in several fundraisers and built the best of sisterhoods – we exemplified charity and community, two core Christian values. Even after departing from Sacred Heart, we have maintained our connections and followed our God’s plans for us to places to go or things to do. In choosing a sorority, I relied heavily on my Catholic background and schooling.

Growing up at Sacred Heart, I was always reminded to be like Mary, who always said “yes” to God and  served as the perfect example of kindness and female empowerment. Ultimately, I chose to join Delta Delta Delta; their value of being kind alike to all resonated with the lessons I learned at Sacred Heart, where we were prompted to “be a friend to all”. In a more academic sense, my Catholic education propelled me in several college courses – a world religions course was made just that easier, and in examining Renaissance works in an art history class, I was able to recognize Biblical stories, figures, and themes without a second guess. I decided on a career in criminal law, knowing that I can make a difference and I can make miracles happen for those in need of justice and peace, just as Jesus mediated between others and brought about harmony and joy.

My Catholic education has made me strive, both in and out of my time at Sacred Heart, to be a better woman who manifests Catholic values – as a boundless quest for knowledge and intellectual stimulation, cultivation and maintenance of strong friendships, and, overall, a desire to work hard and be the best I can for God, myself, and others.

I am beyond grateful for all parts of my education, but being in a Catholic school with women who motivated and believed in me changed my life and my world.