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Julia '23: on Financial Literacy

julia wood on financial literacy class

What did financial math literacy teach you about being a business owner?
Financial literacy taught me the importance of teamwork, time management, and the constant need to problem solve. 
What is your favorite part of the Financial Literacy class?
My favorite part of being in the Financial Literacy class was learning skills I know I will be able to use in my future career. 
What advice would you give others about enrolling in Financial Literacy?
I would advise future students to have fun and not stress too much about the class. I would also advise them to start the Shark Tank project in January. 
What was the most inspiring aspect of Financial Math Literacy class?
The most inspiring aspect was being exposed to first-hand business advice each class from our teacher. It is a great resource offered by Sacred Heart, everyone should take this class if given the opportunity.