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Laney '22: on Inspiration

Laney '22: on Inspiration

laney calhoun voices of ash artist

How do you balance between your Sacred Heart/NOCCA dual attendance?
To balance my dual attendance, I had to quickly develop new study skills in order to accommodate my larger workload. I have had to learn how to reach out to my friends and teachers for help, and extra support has been really helpful in learning material in classes that I have had to leave early in. 

How does ASH keep you interested in the arts?
ASH keeps me interested in the arts by giving me the confidence to pursue my passions. Through my 16 years at Sacred Heart, I was always encouraged to pursue what I was passionate about, and this support within the community has played a big part in my decision to continue my arts instruction.

Where do you get your inspiration?
I get my inspiration from my friends and family, and the memories I have with them. I am also influenced by art and the artists around me.
What does arts mean to you?
To me, art is a way I can express myself when I don't know how to describe my feelings in words. Art is also a way I can capture the important moments of my life, and express my gratitude for my friends and family.

Where did you get your love of art from?
I think I got my love of art from my grandmother, who was a prominent artist herself in her community. Her ability to create art from multiple mediums, and the way she used her art to bring her community together has always inspired me. I also got my love of art from my mom, whose love of art led me to be exposed to a lot of art at a young age. 
What do you love about ASH?
Something I love about ASH is its community, and how it works hard to instill confidence in their students from a young age.