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Maddie '20: on Self-Isolation & Digital Media

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How long have you attended Sacred Heart?
15 years

What are your future plans for college?
I will attend Birmingham-Southern College and major in pre-med biology.

What have you learned about yourself during this "shelter in place" time in history?
During this self-isolation time, I have learned that I like to eat when I’m bored and also that tensions run very high when you are stuck with the same faces day in and day out. Taking a drive around town and changing up scenery is a good way for me to stay sane during this time. 

What was your favorite role with NewsFlash and why?
My favorite role in NewsFlash is definitely anchoring. I love being in front of the camera. I really enjoyed working without a script and on a time crunch. For some reason, it made filming so much more fun and appear more natural on screen. It also made for hysterical bloopers. 

How did ASH inspire you with digital media technology?
I had no idea that I would even consider going into media production and broadcast in college, but being in NewsFlash really opened my eyes to something new. Media production and broadcast may not be my major, but I will definitely keep it has a hobby because I do enjoy it. ASH digital media and technology showed me a side of myself that I didn’t even know existed. 

How was your NewsFlash/Digital Media class experience?
My NewsFlash experience was above and beyond all expectations. Ms. Lane is such an amazing woman and such a great teacher with an outstanding eye for on screen production. She played a major role in my experience not only because it was her class, but because she made it exciting, fun, and most importantly because she made us comfortable. She allowed us to speak freely on how we felt about segments, energy, and really anything that could have had us in a mood that would affect our on screen presence. For that, Ms. Lane, I thank you a million times over. Letting us voice our opinions opened us up to be able to be comfortable on camera because we felt that we had a circle of trust between all cast members and Ms. Lane as well. The trust and camaraderie is what made my experience in NewsFlash top notch. 

What message do you have for your younger Sacred Heart sisters?
I just want y’all to know that yes this is hard. But every now and then something happens to keep us on our toes. My first year at Sacred Heart was 2005, aka the year Katrina hit, and my last year here is COVID-19. That’s just how the cookie crumbled for us, but this will make it so much better for y’all in years to come. Enjoy as much time together as you can and make the moments really count. You never know if or when they’ll be taken from you. 

What is your favorite Sacred Heart memory?
My favorite memories are definitely the final days of school leading up to Prize Day, which is my favorite tradition of Sacred Heart. Those last days of school are so much fun for us and really embody the tight knit family we are. 

What are some of your athletic and academic honors?
Cheer Captain and 2018 Spirit Blast Champions, Washington and Lee Book Award, Honor Roll

What advice would you give to future Cardinal student-athletes?
Hard work always pays off, but make sure you have fun too..