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May M '21: on Leadership

May Mannning volleyball leadership

What does being an ASH leader mean to you?
Being a leader means knowing people respect my work ethic, and they know that I am putting in the time and effort it takes to succeed.

How do you describe success?
Success is the feeling of putting in lots of hard work and seeing results. I find it particularly rewarding when success happens on a team.

How does ASH prepare you to compete?
I am fortunate to go to school with many talented and smart girls who are all competitive. Whether it is in the classroom or in athletics, you better bring your best.

How do you balance academics and athletics?
Balancing athletics and academics is challenging and requires preparation well ahead of due dates. With travel, late night games, and missing school, there is a lot of time management involved. I think the competitive side of me wants to do just as well in the classroom as on the court.

What do you love about ASH?
I love the life-long female friends I have made, the relationships I have built with the faculty and staff, and the confidence that I have gained to hopefully do great things one day. I have enjoyed growing spiritually, academically, and athletically. There is just something special about Sacred Heart that you won't find anywhere else.