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Olivia M '21: on Competitive Spirit

olivia mcgoey testimonial

What message do you have for younger Sacred Heart athletes?

The message I would tell younger teammates is to cherish your time as a cardinal athlete. It is so easy to take our years at Sacred Heart for granted, but they really do fly by, so try to make the most of each and every moment. Secondly, play for each other. Whether it is a training session or championship game, if you ever feel discouraged or tired, look at your teammates standing next to you and take that extra stride for them!

How does ASH prepare you to compete?

The incredible system of support that the ASH athletic programs provide their athletes with is what prepares me to compete. Both the dedication of our coaches and the encouragement of our teammates create an atmosphere that pushes me and every ASH athlete to try our best in all we do.

What does being a Sacred Heart leader mean to you?

More than anything, being a Sacred Heart leader means setting a good example. Leadership calls for dedication, communication, resilience, and motivation, and it means showing up to every practice, training session, game, or race ready to give it your all and lead others in a positive way.

How do you balance academics and athletics?

I balance academics and athletics by having efficient time management and maintaining good communication with my teachers and coaches. Sacred Heart athletics have taught me to ask when I need help and balance my studies with training.

How many years have you been a part of the Sacred Heart athletic programs?

I  have participated in the athletic programs at ASH since 5th grade like cross country, soccer, and indoor and outdoor track and field. 

What athletic and academic honors mean the most to you?

The Cardinal Award is the athletic honor that means the most to me, as it is awarded to someone who, regardless of their capabilities, constantly contributes positivity and motivation to fellow teammates. As for academics, merit cards are honors I deem meaningful because they identify students' specific and unique qualities that help foster an inclusive, enthusiastic classroom atmosphere.