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Pierce '20: on the Bond of Sisterhood

Pierce Gibbons testimonial

How long have you attended Sacred Heart?
15 years

What are your future plans for college and beyond?
Honors College at Ole Miss in the fall. Majoring in Accounting and minoring in Entrepreneurship. 

What is your favorite Sacred Heart memory?
Mater's Feast, Graduation and hanging out with the rest of the tennis team at Regionals.

How many years have you been a part of the Sacred Heart athletic programs?
Tennis and I’ve participated in athletics at ASH for six years.

What are some of your athletic and academic honors?
National Honor Society, Community Service Award, Student Council Executive Board Treasurer, Virginia Wilson Voelker Scholarship and St. Michael’s College Book Award

As a senior, what message do you have for the rest of your younger Sacred Heart sisters?
I would tell younger Sacred Heart girls to cherish the time with your class because the time really does fly by. There is nothing like the bond that Sacred Heart girls have with each other, so make the most of it.
What did you learn in the Financial Math Literacy class?
Sacred Heart not only taught me the skills needed to run a business, but they gave me the opportunity to put them into practice immediately, through the on-campus PJs coffeeshop. 

[My teacher,] Mrs. Miller was very inspirational to me. She is a perfect role model for what I want to accomplish. She runs her own business, while also remaining very hands-on with her 3 small children. She also inspired me when it came time to choose a senior project. I opened a pop-up consignment boutique and was responsible for all aspects of the business: marketing, merchandising, sales and issuing payments to the consignors. It was a great first run at operating my own business.
What advice would you give others about enrolling in the financial literacy class? 
If you are interested in learning how a business operates, this is great class for you. It gave me experience in writing business plans and a deeper understanding of all the different components of making a business successful.

How have you adjusted to distant learning? 
Distance learning has obviously changed the structure of my class a lot. For Financial Math Literacy, we are now no longer able to operate the on-campus PJs, but we are still able to work on our business plans for Shark Tank, which is another important aspect of starting a business.  

What have you learned about yourself during this "shelter in place" time in history?
This time has really made me appreciate my family and in particular, my extended family. I never realized how much we all saw each other and did together until I couldn’t be with my cousins, aunt, uncles, grandparents, and my friends, who are like family.