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Rosie V '28: on Tech Savvy

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What do you like learning about in technology?
I like coding because I love to make objects move. If it doesn’t work the first time, I try another way of doing it until it works.

What do you enjoy about the makerspace?
I like going to the makerspace because I can make inventions that can be used in the real world.

What do you like most about computers or computer class?
I love making my own eBook on the Google tablets with the cool pen. I like learning how to type, make presentations and using the green screen to make movies.

How does ASH keep you interested in technology?
If you just really pay attention, things turn out to be really cool and you will learn a lot.

What have you learned about staying safe while online? 
We use iSafe to learn about safety. We remember to ask permission from teachers and parents before going online. When I’m online, I am careful about websites I don't know because they may cause a virus. I know that I should not share personal information except with my family.