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Sarah '21: on Managing the ASH PJs Coffee Shop

sarah dowd financial literacy

What did financial math literacy teach you about being a business owner?

Through financial math literacy, I have learned how to shift perspectives and business plans. As my peers and I are independently running our own business on campus, we are responsible for our output and our customer experience, exactly as a different company would be, and we regularly have to facilitate communication with our target consumers and administration. Handling challenges as they arise, I have gained knowledge and first-hand experience in the professional atmosphere that is invaluable for my future. 

What was the most inspiring aspect of Financial Math Literacy class?

Before this class, I have never experienced this level of hands-on learning. Instead of reading about distant enterprises, my peers and I are completely in charge of managing and running a successful business. I feel like I am making a tangible difference through our business in Financial Math Literacy. This experience has given me the confidence to pursue my own ventures in the future that I would not have without the ability to take this class, even in the changing business world. 

What advice would you give others about enrolling in Financial Literacy?

Going into the class, it helps to have an open and flexible mind. When faced with challenges, make sure that you have a solid system of communication with your fellow classmates, as it makes all the difference when resolving issues or reformatting your business model. 

How did Sacred Heart help you learn to be an entrepreneur or business owner? 

Through a combination of mentorships and the opportunity to run our own business on campus, I am prepared to take on endeavors of my own. I have gained a newfound confidence within the business world, as I have my own understanding of the background and conditions that lead to success. Without these invaluable experiences I have received at Sacred Heart, I would not be adequately set to enter new environments or face challenges at the same level of confidence that I now have surrounding the rapidly expanding business world.