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Sophia N '22: on Digital Media

Sophia Nawaz testimonial 2019 pic

What was your favorite role with NewsFlash and why?
I would say that my favorite role in NewsFlash would be editing the segments or being an anchor because it is super fun to be able to use all the different programs to edit the segments. Being on camera is always cool!

In general, how does ASH inspire you in digital media technology?
As a student at ASH, I am so fortunate to be able to have recently received new equipment in the digital media room. It really enables me to be super creative and also just have a fun time in class.

What was the biggest challenge in the Digital Media class?
At first, I was really nervous to play around with the equipment because it seemed challenging. But Mrs. Lane helped me out along the way and now it's not so hard!

Tell us about your NewsFlash/Digital Media class experience: 
NewsFlash and Digital Media are really fun classes. We are always busy whether it's learning about current events or filming our next show. ASH introduced the responsibility of electronics to us during Middle School, which really prepared me to work in the digital media environment. Overall, this class really showed me the importance of teamwork.

If you were guaranteed any career you wanted in the digital media field, what would it be?
I think I would want to be a Graphic Designer and Artist because of being a mix of artistic ability and technology which seems really fun and challenging.

What would you say to others about taking the Digital Media class?
I would really suggest taking this course because it enables you to not only learn how to use the equipment and get a perspective on what people in this industry do, but it also lets you have freedom of creativity.