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Alumnae Board

The Alumnae Board is comprised of 35 members and meets 5 times a year. Our executive committee members and numerous chairs assist in planning and hosting educational, social and spiritual events through out the school year. Approximately 30 alumnae have attended AASH national conferences over the years. Eight alumnae have served on the Associated Alumnae of the Sacred Heart board; all have been elected officers. Four alumnae from our association have been Cor Unum award recipients; an honor bestowed every two years at the national conference. Over 100 alumnae members belong to the Children of Mary sodality.
Katherine Sins LeBlanc ’98 

Adrienne Duncan ’01 
Megan Medo ’98  
Margaret Adler Saik '03
Assistant Treasurer
Hailey Housey Hufft ’12
Immediate Past President / Nominations Chair
Sibby Gwin Charbonnet ’01
Board Members
Bailey Batt '15
Beth Gonsonlin Brennan '85
Helen Whiteman Charbonnet '59
Noel Reymond Christmann ’85
Julie Comarda ’06 
Hartley Meric Crunk '03
Meghan Donelon '04
Ninette Alsop Edmiston ’68
Kay Gibbons Favrot ’53
Eugenie Grevemberg Fromherz ’05 
Julie Brewer Habetz ’92
Jane Heidingsfelder ’95 
Suzy Lavis Hufft ’82
Malise Lange Kearney ’92
Sarah Vandergriff Kelley '99
Heidi Kiesling '93
Megan Barry Kepper ’06 (Ex officio, Alumnae Director)
Marguerite Young Kock ’79 
Meg Manthey LaBumbard '01
Irene Ernst Mackenroth ’54
Claire Leftwhich Marshall ’05 
Bitsy Metcalf ’02 
Ashby Geary Navarro ’04 
Kelsea Renton Roth ’08 
Lindsey Graugnard Schafer '98
Louise Acomb Smallpage ’05 
Rachel Stickney '04
Courtney Stumm ’01 
Gillian Talbot ’11
Debbie Mannina Verlander ’82
Connie Hartson Winsberg ’82
Helen Read Young ’88
Claire Zeringue ’12 
Amanda Zingone '08 (Stone Ridge)
Ashley Melius Zito ’92
President’s Advisory Council
Peggy Adams ’69 (Past President, 2006-2008)
Niki Washington Ben '89 (Past President, 2016-2018)
Malise Kerrigan Dennard ’80 (Past President, 1994-1996)
Beth Talbot Dienes '79 (Past President, 2018-2020)
Kelly Cowan Ellis ’86 (Past President, 2008-2010)
Lynne Charbonnet Gibbons ’89 (Past President, 2012-2014)
Ann-Marie Heslin ’95 (Past President, 2010-2012)
Wendy Delery Hills '71 (Past President, 1988-1990)
Colleen Eustis McLeod ’88 (Past President, 2014-2016)
Olga Seiferth Rome ’53 (Past President, 1981-1983)
Patricia Sporl Schonberg ’58 (Past President, 1996-1998)
Kit Carrière Stumm '72 (Past President, 1998-2000)
Betty Smith Sullivan ’65 (Past President, 2000-2002)

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