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Honoring the Class of 1996

Though we are thrilled to be able to host our 2021 Alumnae Weekend in person, we know that many of our alumnae will join us in celebrating from afar! Like last year, we will celebrate this year’s honor classes as we count down to reunion weekend!

We continue our countdown with a spotlight on the Sacred Heart graduates of 1996, who are celebrating their 25th reunion!

1996 grad picture


ASH Flashback to 1996:

As seniors, this class dedicated their yearbook to Sr. Rita Karam and selected Bridgette Barnett as Mater.

1996 highlights

For their last Rally, they chose the theme "Seniors Strut their Stuff!!" and with that won Spirit, Costume, and Decoration Awards!

The class of 1996 seemed to be a group of pranksters! Including putting bologna sandwiches in Ms. Lee’s purse, trying to watch soap operas on a portable TV during class, and hiding from teachers when they were late to class. 

1996 memories 3

Below is an excerpt from their Senior Story:

“In High School, we became little angels who needed their skirt lengths double checked. Humbled by our lowly state, we endured Freshman Initiation with all possible grace… We published magazines with Ms. Grilletta and took walks down St. Charles Ave. in our P.E. uniforms with Mrs. Hartley. Before the tradition of winter formals, we had the “Safari at the Heart.” 

“Sophomore year, we sent each other Literary Magazine Candygrams in between sewing our moles for those much needed extra points in Chemistry. We expanded our perspective in World Cultures. Christmas break was eagerly anticipated, for with it came our Sweet Sixteen: “Groove is in the Heart.” 

“Who said senior year would be easy? Between crunch deadlines for college applications and trying to determine when we may actually take that government test, it was quite a game. Our congé, “Snow White and the Seven Dorks,” was quite a hit. Forrest Gump and Ace Ventura made cameo appearances, but hands down the queen’s gang strutting in to “Gangsta’s Paradise” stole the show. At Rally Night we triumphed for a second year, winning consecutive Spirit Awards, as well as the Costume and Decoration Awards. It was assured that these stray cats strutted away in style.” 

1996 memories 2

“In the spirit of our class, graduation was a celebration. A glorious tribute to the memories that were and will be. We wept, laughed, and even tread on the daisies, and together we recognized that with out striking memories, we will never forget each other. Only from the contributions of us all could we be strong enough to use our wings and spread our spirit elsewhere.”

1996 grad casuals

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