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Honoring the Class of 2001


Though we are thrilled to be able to host our 2021 Alumnae Weekend in person, we know that many of our alumnae will join us in celebrating from afar! Like last year, we will celebrate this year’s honor classes as we count down to reunion weekend!

We continue our countdown with a spotlight on the Sacred Heart graduates of 2001, who are celebrating their 20th reunion!

class of 2001

ASH Flashback to 2001:

This amazing class was known for many things throughout their years at the Rosary: obsession with ribbons, flair for the dramatic and not just upholding important traditions at the Rosary, but in some cases observing them at double the usual rate. 

2001 highlights

As seniors, they dedicated the yearbook to Bonnie Talbot, selected both Margaret Prat and Alicia Sanchez as their Mater, and graduated with Suhitha Reddy as valedictorian and Megan Leftwich and Margaret Prat as salutatorians! 

The yearbook theme was "Now Showing," and this class certainly liked to perform, as shown in their senior story...

2001 memories 1

Excerpts from Senior Story:


Act I: Preschool

…Events that stand out in every preschooler’s memory were the days when Sr. Little pulled teeth. Recesses were spent crowding around in a discussion of who had recently lost their teeth, as well as hunting for the big spoons and tricycles. 

Act II: Lower School 

Various fads occasionally stole our stardom, as we adored everything from American Girl dolls to slap bracelets, which were outlawed due to classroom disruption. We even sported friendship necklaces and Limited Too on the weekends. We loved Peaches and Cream, our third grade classroom hamsters, which entertained us until that fateful weekend when Daniella took them home. Louis, the replacement hamster, never quite erased the memories of Peaches and Cream. 

The end of Lower School was marked with new responsibilities, as some select fourth graders served as hall monitors and bridge monitors. Our class also stepped into the limelight as we produced a tape of our angelic voices.

Act III: Middle School

As we lost our jumpers and crossed the bridge, our first and favorite privileges were carrying purses, wearing colorful nail polish, and sporting all sorts of jewelry.  Before you knew it, the cool thing to do was to hang at Valencia for 7 o’clocks to mingle with boys.

In eighth grade we started bringing pictures of cute boys to put up in the ever-so-spacious eighth grade locker room… Speaking of the locker room, eighth grade was our first experience with sand paper, a material with which we were to become very familiar as we all sanded down the post in the locker room, on which we left our mark. 

2001 memories 2
2001 memories 3

Act III: High School 

The Class of 2001 was famous for their love of wearing pink ribbons in their hair and their obsession with Leonardo DiCaprio and Prince William. As sophomores, we served as the test class for laptops, and we also were the first ones to use the NEW chemistry lab.

Cowboys of 2001 - there are too many more memories from the yearbook that should remain in print only, so find yours and flip through it as you prepare for Reunion 2021, with none other than our own Sibby Gwin at the helm as Rosary Alumnae Association President! 

2001 memories 4










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