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Future Founders.
Your Voice Is Our Future.

What is Future Founders?
As a Sacred Heart alumna, your partnership and active involvement are critical to the future and viability of our school. Future Founders is a great opportunity for alumnae who want to play a pivotal role in the future of the Rosary.

Over the last 5 years, the Future Founders giving circle has invested just over $270,000 in impactful gifts to the school including: the SynDaver, Star Lab, TriCaster, TriCaster Extension, and most recently, the Fitness Center Upgrade and Outdoor Musical Instruments for the Lower School Playground. This wonderful group of women made these selections because of the passion demonstrated by our presenters in each of their areas.

Fitness center updated 2021

Fitness Center Upgrade: Upgraded equipment that better serves students in pursuit of lifelong habits of health and wellness.

Musical Garden: Outdoor musical instruments that upgrade the Lower School play yard to a place of outdoor learning and play.

TriCaster: Complete video production system with an entire suite of production capabilities for video editing, audio and sound mixing and graphics.

SynDaver: A synthetic human body replica used for learning in biology, physiology and physical education.

How does Future Founders work?
Future Founders allows up to 100 alumnae to pool their knowledge, resources and additional giving to fund a single, visionary capital project at our school each year.

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Future Founders members are invited to participate in this leadership giving circle with an annual contribution of $1,100—which is in addition to their annual giving contribution. The funds from Future Founders members will be pooled to create a capital fund of up to $100,000, the direction of which will be decided by the majority of this group through a voting process.

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2020-2021 Future Founder Members  
Peggy Adams 1969
Kellie Scott Axelrad 1996
Niki Washington Ben 1989
Elizabeth Boh 1979
Katherine Sandoz Boh 1952
Jean Baldwin Bolton 1965
Lynne Trist Brennan 1952
Irene Gillen Briede 1948
Elizabeth Ehrensing Bush 1994
Stephanie Casey 1992
Sibby Gwin Charbonnet 2001
Joann Wax Collins 1989
Susan Hemard Colton 1972
Julie Ann Schmedtje Connick 1977
Christine Goletz Couvillon 2004
Kelley Johnson Daniel 1991
Julie Guste Danna 1995
Beth Talbot Dienes 1979
Shawn Donelon Dowd 1987
Janet Daley Duval 1976
Kay Gibbons Favrot 1953
Nicette Gensler Goodier 1966
Anne Guste 1978
Sr. Melanie Guste, RSCJ 1970
Liz Baldwin Hefler 1999
Jane Heidingsfelder 1995
Wendy Delery Hills 1971
Julie Jacob 1994
Margaret Carrere Johnson 1970
Susan Read Johnson 1964
Shannon Cooney Johnston* 1988
Gretchen Zibilich Kane 1973
Margaret Kohnke Kemmerly 1952

Marguerite Kern Kingsmill 1974
Adair Kingsmill 2008
Allison Kingsmill 2008
Marguerite Young Kock 1979
Kylee Krida 1998
Diane Sustendal Labouisse 1962
Ginger Spencer LaCour 2000
Missy Lacroix 1972
Martha McDermott Landrum 1976
Sheila Bosworth Lemann 1965
Colleen Canale Levy 1985
Irene Briede Lutkewitte 1969
Sheldon Lykes 1974
Ellen Heidingsfelder Manning 1987
Kay Manthey 1997
Brenda Farrell Marshall 1972
Kris Malachias McGee 1982
Britton Hall Miller 1990
JoAnne Bisso Moore 1976
Mimi Webster Murphy 1964
Stephanie Karcher Newell 1987
Anne Whited Normann 1969
Katie Ratté 1992
Christen Riviere 1983
Suzanne Walther Rusovich 1978
Courtney-Anne Sarpy 1957
Kit Carrière Stumm 1972
Anne Talluto 1976
Catherine Ellington Treuting 1995
Kathleen Favrot Van Horn 1977
Caroline Eppling Wegmann 1985
Lele Hebert Wood 1972
Helen Read Young 1988

*Associate alumna

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