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Inspiration is Everywhere.

Whether it's painting, choir, dance, theater, literature or digital illustrations, art connects us to what it essentially means to be human. At Sacred Heart, the arts are integral to our philosophy of educating the whole child – starting with arts festivals in Little Hearts to ceramic pottery wheels in Upper School. Each year, the entire school community benefits from the various talents of our students and their teachers through several student-centered events, exhibits and theatrical productions, many available for all to experience.

Visual Arts

Our program develops our students’ talents and abilities at every age and at all levels.


In-class and on-stage performances begin as early as Lower School with seasonal musicals in Upper School.

Digital Media

Experiences include photography, video, graphics, podcasts, green screen and a student-run news show, NewsFlash. 

Music & Choir

We integrate the seven elements of music: pitch, duration, pace, dynamics, structure, texture and timbre.


Classes in ballet, modern, contemporary and musical theater focus on honing individual creativity, coordination and confidence. 

Arts League

Join the Rosary Arts League and help support students in art-related events and performances. 

Creativity. Exploration. Growth.

All students are exposed to learning experiences in visual arts, music, dance, digital media and theater that encourage them to enjoy a lifelong commitment to the arts, to value the importance of art in every day life, and to pursue art projects, programs and experiences independently in the greater community.