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Digital Media: Image is everything

"Great stories hang in the viewer’s ear and catch the viewer’s eye. Great stories aim straight for the viewer’s heart. The best TV news stories don’t just inform; they teach, illuminate and inspire viewers.”
-Al Tompkins


The ASH Digital Media Program is where technology meets creativity and innovation. This course provides students the opportunity to apply writing and reporting skills learned in class towards the production of News Flash, a broadcast show that airs on Thursdays during Assembly to the entire Upper School student body. Students learn how to research, gather and analyze information to create video productions for broadcast to the Sacred Heart Community Audience and beyond. Emphasis is placed on professional development in television news and film industry.


tricaster editing machine in action

Students learn the principles of innovative design and typography while using professional Adobe Creative Suite software for digital drawings, logos, magazine layouts and 3D-animation. Students complete each week by contributing to their digital portfolio to showcase their work.

The course covers how to brainstorm and create animations and motion graphics using industry standard animation software such as After Effects. Students create animations and special effect graphic related projects that broadcast during our weekly newscast, News Flash.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects are skillsets our students learn and utilize to animate, alter and composite media – the same professional software used by website designers, video and audio editors, motion graphic artists and movie production.

digital podcasting media photo


Podcasting at ASH is used as a collaborative communication tool in classrooms throughout the Upper School and Middle School. Podcasting in the classroom is a powerful tool for learning and allowing our students to build on their creative ideas to connect, communicate and synthesize learning in a fun and entertaining way to help increase student engagement.


yearbook club 2023

Starting in Middle School, this club offers students the opportunity to learn about design, take pictures and create pages for the annual Sacred Heart Yearbook, which has recently won several local and national awards. Students are trained using an online design program and have the opportunity to design their pages at school or at home.

The club's goals are to teach several phases of journalism, including writing and social media skills while publishing a creative, engaging book. Yearbook is a fun way to meet friends, students, faculty, staff and add their voice to the larger school community.

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