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Music is like a dream

"Music is an agreeable harmony for the honor of God and the permissible delights of the soul.”
-Johann Sebastian Bach


little hearts music

Our Little Hearts music is based on early childhood, Music Together, method, which is then expended to fit our school’s goals and criteria. While we play on variety of rhythm instruments, march and dance around the room with our puppets or scarves, we instill and nurture every child’s natural ability for steady beat and pitch. Our lively classes are meant not only to teach music, but to inspire life long love for it. The girls are introduced to many different rhythmic and melodic patterns as well as types of music. 

In Preschool, we expand our quest for keeping the steady beat and singing in pitch to learning the basics of music theory and using xylophones and glockenspiels. The fun quotient is always at the front of every lesson plan, because we engage and learn the best when we are having fun.

lower school music room


Students entering the Lower School music room discover a magical and sacred space of art, math, language, science and beauty. Students imagine, imitate, explore, improvise, dance, learn to listen critically, and create on a full arsenal of Orff instruments, recorder, and handbells. Incorporating the Curwen hand signals, students learn through the Orff/Kodály pedagogical system. Studying diversity from varied composers and cultures fill fall days, while an emphasis on American and Louisiana music begins in the spring.

A large Christmas concert, incorporating all instruments and solos, is a highlight every year, as is the third and fourth grade students performing with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra on recorder every spring. A third and fourth grade non-auditioned choir sings for every all-school liturgy, community events, and performs two concerts a year. The program emphasizes proper vocal pedagogy, singing in harmony, and learning to read the language of music.


middle school concert christmas 2019

Students are introduced to the seven elements of music (pitch, duration, pace, dynamics, structure, texture, and timbre) and are taught to recognize, perform, and write melodic and rhythmic patterns. During their music lessons, they are exposed to a variety of styles, instruments, composers, and forms.

Throughout the course, students learn and practice ensemble pieces of varying complexity and are provided with opportunities to perform at the annual Christmas concert and spring HeARTs Festival. Students are also invited to join the Middle School Choir and perform at several events in New Orleans during the school year.


Our Upper School students can experience instrumental music instruction in piano. Students need no formal training or previous experience, yet 10-15 minutes of practicing a day is recommended. Students develop and demonstrate piano performance, music vocabulary, sight reading/singing, music theory and leadership skills through experience. Whether it's playing the piano, artistry or song writing – this class attracts all lovers of music. 

upper school music 2019


Students interested in vocal music performance can participate in Choir as an elective study. Students learn proper breathing, pleasant vocal production, blend and balance, expansion of range, good intonation, ear training, and sight reading various styles of choral literature will be explored. Students also participate in various performances on- and off-campus in the community.

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Carrie Brown, Arts Co-Chair ~ Dance

Jodi McWilliams, Arts Co-Chair ~ Lower Music & Middle School Bell Choir

Susan Nichols, Art ~ Little Hearts, Preschool & Lower School

Renee Pando, Art ~ Middle School 

MeLissa Kossick Anderson,  Art ~ Upper School

Mary Jackson, Digital Media

Catherine Comardelle, Music ~ Little Hearts

Ryan Thomas, Music ~ Middle School Choir Director

Ashley Nolan, Theater Producer/Director & Film Studies