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Visual Art: Life is a canvas

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
-Pablo Picasso

Sacred Heart's Visual Arts program inspires and develops our students' talents and abilities at every age and level. With diverse art classes, professional art in-class visitors and speakers, collaborative art shows and a working art gallery on campus, Sacred Heart offers a vibrant art program for the ages.

ceramic wheel 2023


All first year students are introduced to the fundamentals of the Visual Arts, such as basic drawing and learning about several elements of design. Throughout Upper School, they can choose intermediate courses in sculpture, mixed media, painting, advanced ceramics and woodcarving. Our Visual Art faculty inspires each student to reach her own potential by developing personal style of self expression.

Each year, our students are introduced to a variety of opportunities to exhibit their creative work, including a Catholic Schools Week exhibit at Lakeside Mall and a collaborative art show with other local independent schools (Isidore Newman School for one).


middle school visual art

In the Middle School art studio, the elements and principles of art are reinforced through application as students create art in a variety of different mediums including drawing, painting, ceramics and printmaking. While studying the art of present day and past cultures, students deepen their understanding of history and learn how to communicate respectfully about their own work … and the works of others. A group exhibition at the annual HeARTs Festival completes the year-end course in May.


Our Preschool and Lower School art curriculum introduces individuality of expression, creative learning and visual thinking. Students experiment with a variety of artistic materials and techniques as they discover their personal strengths and interests. Through art, our young students are taught to be confident and expressive, and are encouraged to enjoy the process as well as focus on their creations.

lower school art room
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Carrie Brown, Arts Co-Chair ~ Dance

Jodi McWilliams, Arts Co-Chair ~ Lower Music & Middle School Bell Choir

Susan Nichols, Art ~ Little Hearts, Preschool & Lower School

Renee Pando, Art ~ Middle School 

MeLissa Kossick Anderson,  Art ~ Upper School

Mary Jackson, Digital Media

Catherine Comardelle, Music ~ Little Hearts

Ryan Thomas, Music ~ Middle School Choir Director

Ashley Nolan, Theater Producer/Director & Film Studies