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The Sacred Heart Booster Club, led by President Cappy Meyer Johnson ’92, is dedicated to boosting school spirit and enhancing the entire athletic program. Athletic Booster dues covers admission to all regular season home ASH Athletic events for your entire family.

Family & Grandparent Membership offers:
• Free admission to all regular season HOME athletic events
• Spirit Gift from the Booster Club

Junior Membership offers:
• Spirit Gift from the Booster Club

Athletics Booster Club Membership Options:
• $100 (1 year family)
• $50 (1 year Grandparent)
• $50 (1 year Little Hearts, Preschool or Lower School family)
• $200 (5 year Grandparent)
• $400 (5 year family)

The 2022-2023 school year was highlighted by outstanding athletic performances from our ASH Athletes:
• State Runner-up in Cross Country
• State Runner-up in Golf
• Individual State Champion Golf, Jade Neves
• Individual State Champion Track & Field (3200m), Leah Varisco

Projects organized and funded by the Booster Club:
• Athletic Awards Banquet
• Hall of Fame Induction ceremony (every 3 years)
• Senior Night cookouts & senior gifts
• Athletic department "wish list" items
• Varsity gifts, coach gifts & team lunches

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2022-2023 Athletics Booster Club Members  

Alciatore Family
Alig Family
Amedee Family
Angelico Family
Babin Family 
Balart Family*
Bauer, Keith & Judy*
Bendich Family
Benton Family
Blamphin, Kris
Bonura Family *
Brennan Family
Bush Family
Capella Family
Capitelli Family
Centola Family 
Charles Family
Comboy Family
Danna Family
Davis Family
Dalovisio, Wendy 
DeGruy Family
DeMarcay Family 
Denis Family
Devillier Family
Deynoodt Family*
Doucet Family
Edrington, Sally & Richard
Ehrening Family *
English Family*
Falgout Family *
Farris Family
Fitzpatrick Family
Gagliano Family
Gardes Family*
Gernard Family *
Gibbens Family
Griffith Family
Green Family
Guider Family 
Gunn Family*
Habetz Family
Hainkel Family
Hale Family
Hales Family *
Hammel Family
Hieger Family
Hymel Family 
Igoe Family
Irwin Family
Irwin, Stephanie
Jenkins Family
Johnson Family*
Jonston Family*
Keighery Family
Khatib Family
Kleehammer Family*
LaCour Family *
Landry Family *
Langhetee Family
Lara Family
Larmann Family
LaSalle Family *

Lauscha Family *
Lavigne Family
LeBlanc Family
Lo/Kleyhamp Family
Lowe Family
Marshall Family
Mazzanti Family
Medo Family
Mehaffie Family*
Meyer Family (Mary Elise)
Meyer Family (Connie Melissa)
Mogabgab Family*
Mooney Family 
Moore Family
Moriarty Family
Nolan Family
O'Sullivan Family
Parenton Family
Phillips Family
Pierson Family
Prieur, Elliot 
Plemer, Kathy & Micahel
Price Family
Ralston Family
Randolph Family
Ranger Family
Ready Family *
Richmond Family
Ridings Family
Robert Family
Roubion Family
Rubin Fmily*
Rudolph Family
Schmidt Family 
Screen Family
Shannon Family
Singer Family
Smith Family 
Smith Family
Stassi Family
Stumpf Family
Strawn Family*
Suhren Family
Talbot Family
Tennison Family
Touzet Family
Tran Family
Truxillo Family
Turner Family
Udhrain Family
Ursin Family
Vaicius Family
Varisco Family*
Varisco Family*
Vinas Family
Walsh Family *
Watson Family*
Willaims Family
Woodward Family
Yockey Family 

*5 Year Family Memberships

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Sue Bower, Director of Athletics

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Courtney Ward, Assistant Athletic Director

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