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PLUS is a fee-based after-school service designed to allow PreK-Grade 4 students choice time during the after school hours in a safe and supportive environment. PLUS Supervisors and Staff engage with children through play, scheduled activities, and guided study.

Sign in and Dismissal Procedures:
Children are signed in by PLUS Staff when they arrive. Parents/guardians must personally pick up students in the Mater Campus Dining Hall and sign their child out. Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff will remain at the main desk until 6:00 p.m.

*Please note: If a student has withdrawn during the day, she may not return to school for ASH PLUS.
PLUS Daily Schedule:
3:20-3:45 Sign in, Free Play, and Snack
3:35-6:00 Choice Time-Indoor, Outdoor Activities, and Guided Study (*3:45-4:45 Guided Study)

Description of Choice Time:

Guided Study (Mater Campus Library) provides Grade 2-4 students a quiet and supportive atmosphere to work on and complete homework. A trained PLUS staff facilitator will guide students as needed. If re-teaching is required, a note will be placed in the homework planner by PLUS staff facilitator notifying the grade level teacher that the student was unable to complete the homework. (This same protocol is followed by a parent at home.) Once a student completes homework, she will be dismissed to Indoor or Outdoor Activities.

Outdoor Activities (Lower School Playground or Gym) include outdoor games and play facilitated and supervised by trained PLUS Staff.

Indoor Activities (Mater Campus Dining Hall) include creative activities and games facilitated by trained PLUS Staff.
$10 per hour, $5 per half hour. A late fee will be assessed at the rate of $1.00 per minute.

Questions about PLUS or LH/LS enrichment?
Let's talk.

shara hammet headshot 2018

Shara Hammet, Lower School Division Head

kris blamphin headshot 2018

Kris Blamphin, Instructional Coordinator