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Student Governance

The Student Council at the Academy of the Sacred Heart strives to create an atmosphere of respect and concern for others. The Student Council serves as a channel for student expression, assists the administration in planning and carrying out student activities and strives to develop positive student-faculty, student-student relations.

Middle School Student Council
The Middle School student body elects officers and representatives for Student Council. Through retreats and regular meetings students develop leadership skills and learn the practical application of the democratic policy. The students serve as liaisons between faculty and the student body by planning events and leading activities to build community and school spirit.

Upper School Student Council
Membership consists of the elected officers of the Student Council (President, Vice President, and Secretary Treasurer), the officers of the four academic classes, class representatives, one from each homeroom, and an at-large representative appointed by the Student Council Executive Council and approved by the Dean of Students. Student Council Professional Affiliations - National Association of Student Councils, Louisiana Association of Student Councils, Greater New Orleans Association of Student Councils, Southern Association of Student Councils.

Examples of Student Council Functions, etc. (governed by their constitution):

  • Assist admissions with recruitment
  • Assist with Prospective Students at Open House
  • Big/Little Sisters (grades 9 and 12)
  • Organization of clubs
  • School assemblies
  • Service Projects
  • Leadership workshops
  • Faculty Appreciation Week
  • Spirit Days
  • Upper School Dances
  • New Students Welcome Party
  • Welcome Week for Freshmen
  • Work assignments - lounge and dining hall
  • Planning the celebration of special holidays
  • All school Congé Family Fest
  • Assisting the Dean of Students to monitor order in the Upper School
  • Any new activity properly proposed that would benefit the Upper School (may vary from year to year)

Middle & Upper School News