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ASH Glossary

As with every unique culture, each has its own indigenous language. This is ours:

Rosary & Mater Campus

The first convent and school conducted by the Religious of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans was located in the old French Quarter on Dumaine Street between Bourbon and Dauphine and opened on November 19th, 1867. The school was named Mater Admirabilis (Mother Most Admirable) in honor of the Blessed Mother. By 1871, the Mater Campus in the Vieux Carre dominated the corner property of Dumaine and Dauphine Streets.

Later the Religious of the Sacred Heart closed the Mater Admirabilis school in the French Quarter and purchased the John Calhoun estate on the school’s current site on St. Charles. On October 3, 1887, the Sisters opened the new school at 4521 St. Charles Avenue and dedicated it to Our Lady of the Rosary by naming it Notre Dame du Saint Rosaire. As years passed, the name has shortened to The Rosary as the name for the St. Charles campus.

In 2002, with the purchase of the property at the corner of St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues, Sacred Heart returned to its early history in the French Quarter and dedicated its new campus as the Mater Admirabilis campus. Beginning in 2005, the school refers to its St. Charles Avenue campus (Middle and Upper Schools) as the Rosary Campus. The new campus at the corner of St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues (Preschool, Lower School and Bob and Jeri Nims Fine Arts Center) is referred to as the Mater Campus.

Academics Division (aka, Upper School)

Academics (also known as ACD) is an internal name that refers to our Upper School Division, used for awards and on Prize Day. 1st Academics = 9th Grade. 2nd Academics = 10th Grade. 3rd Academics = 11th Grade. 4th Academics = 12th Grade.


Academy of the Sacred Heart Faculty Infant Nursery – a day care service available for the faculty and staff of Sacred Heart. Their babies (from 6 weeks to 3 years) are cared for by a qualified staff during the school hours.


An international organization of women and men who are alumnae/alumni of Sacred Heart schools throughout the world. The acronym AMASC stands for Association Mondiale des Anciennes et Anciens du Sacré Coeur.

BOT (Board of Trustees)

A group of approximately 24 volunteer lay men, women, and Religious of the Sacred Heart which is responsible to see that the institution operates in the best interests of its students, faculty and parents. The board is responsible for making policy for the school and for hiring the head of school. The board meets 7-8 times a year and operates by an active committee system. Trustees hold in trust the school’s future, as well as its present. They are custodians of the integrity of the institution and are committed to and responsible to uphold the Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart Schools in the life of the school.

The Bridge Magazine

The publication which goes out to all constituents in the Sacred Heart family, as well as area non-profit agencies and friends of Academy of the Sacred Heart. It includes both school and alumnae news.

Buzz Book

The school directory and convenient reference guide to school activities and organizations. A complete school directory of administration, faculty, staff, room mothers, and members of various boards are included.

Directory info for parents, faculty and staff can easily found using LOGIN on our website

Child of the Sacred Heart Prayer

I am a child of the Sacred Heart.
Each day, dear Lord, I will
love as You love,
study and learn,
help those who need me,
be a friend to all, and
make wise choices.

St. Madeleine Sophie, hear my prayer.
St. Rose Philippine, hear my prayer.

—Carmen Dickhaus, former ASH Preschool teacher

Children of Mary

The Sodality for lay women was formed in Paris in 1818. In 1832 since the rule of cloister prevented the religious from leaving their convents, Mother Barat organized a group of former students in Lyon to perform works of service, especially for the poor and needy. From these roots grew sodalities for the various levels of students: The Infant Jesus Sodality for the Lower School; the Sodality of St. Aloysius for the Middle School and Sodality of the Holy Angels for the High School. The Children of Mary became the sodality to which students in their last year of high school and in college aspired. The initials, E. de M. stand for the French “Enfant de Marie” (Child of Mary). The Rosary has a very active Children of Mary group which meets monthly at school for Liturgy, prayer and reflection together and several other times for prayer and discussion.

Coeur de Jésus

Coeur de Jésus sauvez le monde,
Que l’univers Vous soit soumis,
En Vous seul notre espoir se fonde,
Seigneur, Seigneur, Vous nous l’avez promis.

Vous l’avez dit, Votre promesse
Fait notre espoir, notre bonheur,
Je bénirai dans ma tendresse
Les enfants de mon Sacré Coeur.

Vous l’avez dit, Sauveur fidèle
Votre amour nous l’a révélé
Le coeur brûlant pour Moi de zèle
Par le mien sera consolé.

(English Version)

Heart of Jesus, save the world
May the universe be submitted to you
In you only our hope is founded
Lord, Lord, you have promised it to us
You have said it
Your promise makes our hope, our happiness;
I will bless in my tenderness
The children of the Sacred Heart
You have said it faithful Saviour
Your love has revealed it to us
The heart burning with zeal for me by mine will be consoled.

Congé (School Family Fest)

Congé (con•gé) is a French word for 'leave taking' or farewell. Congé is a holiday where Sacred Heart schools across the country leave studies and channel their energy into a festive celebration (a.k.a. school fair). Internal games include cache-cache (a group form of hide and seek). 

ED (Extended Day)

A service provided in the pre-school area for the nursery and pre-kindergarten children who remain at school after the 12:00 dismissal. ED ends at 3:00.


ERB (Educational Records Bureas) is an annual evaluation instruments to assess the academic program and student performance (grades 2 through 8).

Feast of Mater Admirabilis

This special feast honoring Mary the Mother of Jesus under the title of Mater Admirabilis (Mother Most Admirable) is an all-school liturgy. A senior who most resembles the qualities of Mater represents her. She costumes as Mater in the tableau, and is a part of the opening prayers for the liturgy.

Feast of St. Philippine Duchesne

The liturgical feast day of the RSCJ who brought the Society of the Sacred Heart to North America in 1818. This feast is celebrated by the entire school community at an all school liturgy.

Give ASH Day (Parents Annual Giving)

An annual fund raising campaign, held in the fall of each year. Volunteer parents solicit other parents for the GAP (the difference between tuition costs and the actual cost of educating each student for one year). All parents are expected to take part and to give whatever gift is within their means.

Goals & Criteria

Learn more about the 5 Goals of the Academy of the Sacred Heart. Sacred Heart, the Rosary, belongs to an international group of Sacred Heart Schools and, more specifically, is an active and participating member of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools in the United States. These 22 schools in the U.S. share the same philosophy and goals and together offer an education marked by a distinctive spirit. They commit themselves to educate to:

I. a personal and active faith in God

II. a deep respect for intellectual values

III. a social awareness that impels to action

IV. the building of community as a Christian value

V. personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

(Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart Schools in the U.S., revised 2005)


A long-standing tradition in Sacred Heart schools. In days of the boarding schools, when it was common for classes to meet until 5:00 p.m., it was necessary to provide the students with a mid-afternoon snack. Today, goûter is a special treat served on special feast days and holidays. Traditional pink sugar cookies are served on the Feast of Mater.

Krewe de Coeur

Before dismissal for Mardi Gras, Middle School students dress up in costumes drawn from the Greek and Roman myths or fables they have been studying. Recently, they dressed directly from their 8th grade play, Peter Pan Jr.

Krewe of Fluff

Before dismissal for Mardi Gras, the senior class provides a mock Mardi Gras parade for the entire school. They parade in the main courtyard throwing beads and candy to all of the bystanders –– students, board members, faculty and staff.

Krewe of Smocks

Before dismissal for Mardi Gras, Preschool, Little Hearts and ASH-FIN provides their own mock Mardi Gras, parading in costumes and dropping candy and other throws for all in attendance.

Little Hearts

For girls 1 to 3 years of age, Little Hearts is our Early Learning Program designed to inspire our youngest of students to grow in all areas – social, emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual.

Mass of Thanksgiving Liturgy (2nd Grade)

Children making their First Communion do so in their Church parishes. However, all Second Grade communicants celebrate this wonderful event together in a Second Grade liturgy in the Sacred Heart Rosary Chapel. They wear white/pastel dresses and receive Mater medals.

MASH (Middle School After School Help)

(Middle School After School Help) a service for MS students who must remain after school hours. MASH closes at 6:00 p.m.

Mater Admirabilis

In 1844 a generation after the Society of the Sacred Heart was founded, Pauline Perdrau, a young novice, took it upon herself to produce a fresco of the Virgin Mary on a wall in the recreational area of the Trinita dei Monti, a Sacred Heart Convent in Rome. Pauline chose to paint Mary as a young Jewish woman, sitting in the temple, clothed in a rose-colored dress. The fresco depicts a lily at Mary’s side representing her purity; the distaff and spindle, her love of work; the book, her dedication to study. Unfortunately, although Pauline put herself wholeheartedly into her task, her inexperience with the technique of fresco did not produce the beautiful soft painting for which she had hoped. The too vivid colors were hidden behind a drape. Pope Piux IX, upon visiting the convent, requested that the curtain in front of the fresco be removed. Seeing the fresco of Our Lady, its colors inexplicably softened, he exclaimed, “Mater Admirabilis!” (Mother Most Admirable). We celebrate the feast of Mater on October 20.

May Crowning

During this month, which is especially dedicated to Our Lady, each division pays special tribute to Mary in a May Crowning ceremony. Some students who exemplify the life of Mary are chosen to be in the Honor Guard.

Preparatory Division (aka Middle School)

Preparatory Division is an internal name that refers to our Middle School Division, used for awards and on Prize Day.

1st Prep = 5th Grade. 2nd Prep = 6th Grade. 3rd Prep = 7th Grade. 4th Prep = 8th Grade.

Primary Division (aka Lower School)

You may hear the term "Primary" around the Mater Campus. Primary is an older, internal name that once referred to the entire Lower School Division, used for awards.

1st Primary = 1st Grade. 2nd Primary = 2nd Grade. 3rd Primary = 3rd Grade. 4th Primary = 4th Grade.

Prize Day

The formal closing ceremony of the school year for middle and high school students. The seniors process in their white graduation dresses. All major school awards are presented at this time. Parents of seniors are invited to the ceremony.


Rally is a spirit‐filled afternoon of games, competition and dance performances for the Upper School and faculty.


Religieuse du Sacré Coeur de Jesus - Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus - the initials used after the names of the religious order of the Society of the Sacred Heart. The RSCJ order sponsors the schools in the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, throughout the world.

Sacré Coeur

Means “Sacred Heart” in French.

Sacred Heart PLUS

A service provided in for those children in the Pre and Lower Schools who must remain after school hours. PLUS closes at 6:00.

Sacred Heart Athletic Booster Club

A group of parents and friends who help support the athletic programs at Sacred Heart. All families are invited to become members. Members receive free admission to all home games. Profits from the Athletic Club are used to underwrite the cost of extras needed for the athletic program which are not covered under the budget. Learn more >

SHCOG (Sacred Heart Commission on Goals)

Every five years each Sacred Heart school is evaluated by a group of Sacred Heart educators and trustees from the 21 network schools in a process that holds the school accountable to the Provincial of the Society of the Sacred Heart for the living of the mission of the Society. The national commission is composed of Religious of the Sacred Heart, lay educators and trustees in the Network, together with a member of the Provincial Team. SHCOG initiates, oversees and officially responds to a process of self-reflection. At regular intervals the school is able to determine where its strengths lie in relation to the Goals and Criteria, and also to express the concerns it has regarding how well it is living the vision expressed in them. The process aims at enabling each school to formulate a plan to deepen the life of the Goals and Criteria within the community.