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Honoring the Class of 1986

Though we are thrilled to be able to host our 2021 Alumnae Weekend in person, we know that many of our alumnae will join us in celebrating from afar! Like last year, we will celebrate this year’s honor classes as we count down to reunion weekend!

We continue our countdown with a spotlight on the Sacred Heart graduates of 1986, who are celebrating their 35th reunion!

Class of 1986

The Class of 1986 was known for their spirit, and they won four rally night awards for spirit to prove it! 

1986 memories 1

As seniors, the Class of '86 dedicated their yearbook to Mother Caire, and Lena Astilla was presented the Mater Medal.

Lora Stuart was the class valedictorian, and the senior congé was: “Sacred Coeur: Door to Door” 

Excerpt from the 1986 Senior Story: 
“We inherited the class title “Patriots,” but we created our own “Candyland” to present at our first Rally Night. The upperclassmen were speechless, but we made enough noise for everybody as we, “Those Lowly Freshmen,” accepted the coveted “Spirit Award.” Unfortunately, in the opinion of the teachers, our great “Spirit” overpowered our “Good Sense” and we also captured the award that year for “The Most Detentions!” 

“Will we ever forget… Melissa as the California “Angel”… Sr. Dunn’s mile high salad… chewing gum on our collars… Mary as Mrs. Gelpi… Claire calculating our hours of religion… Lucy and Michelle mothering Tina and Sheridan through their years… Lana’s spectacular front gates… Katie as Sr. T (Torian no less)… Barbi as the jock… and all those “Moments to Remember.”

1986 memories 2

The Class of 1986 is also well-remembered for the very first ASH State Volleyball Championship! GO CARDINALS!!!

1986 volleyball champs


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