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Honoring the Class of 1995

The Class of 1995 entitled their yearbook, "Doors," and we're excited to open a door to twenty-five years ago when these "Stars" ruled the halls of the Rosary.

In 1995, Sr. Miller led the school as Headmistress, Mary Holtgreve was chosen as Mater, the yearbook was dedicated to Phina Schloegel. Mr. Anselmo and Mrs. Keiffer reigned as king and queen of the Krewe of Fluff. Prom was held at Jax Brewery, and you could still run to K&B during your frees. Student Council was led by Melissa Vergona as President, Ashley Casey as Vice-President, and Natalia Macias as Secretary/Treasurer. Julie Guste was the Valedictorian of the class. The Mater Medal was awarded to both Aimee Greco and Mary Holtgreve. Among the clubs showcased in this yearbook: the "Practical Independence for Women Club" shown taking Tae Kwon Do classes and replacing tires! The theme of the Spring Conge was Under the Big Top.

The senior story concluded with Total Eclipse of the Heart lyric - "every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by," a sentiment that most ASH seniors probably can relate to around graduation time. Something tells us that "there's no one in the universe as magical and wondrous" as the Class of 95, and they'll show up for Reunion 2021 to prove it!

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