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Honoring the Class of 2000

The Class of 2000. What an anticipated year! These graduates lived up to all the hype of the second millennium. It's hard to believe that it's been twenty years since some of the memorable milestones of 2000! Some were game-changers (like the fist nationwide wireless data service for "hand-held web phones"); others were not (Y2K...?); and others seem to disappear and then come back again in reimagined ways (90210, Britney Spears, Star Wars prequels).

The class of 2000 knew that they were an ASH class for the history books, and in their yearbook titled, "The Roads We Have Traveled," they looked back not only on their last year at ASH, but also the bicentennial of the founding of the Society of the Sacred Heart by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. This class dedicated their yearbook to Leslie Graf, and their senior Conge to Mr. Heggman. Sara Beth Geoghegan was chosen to be Mater. The senior class dominated Rally their last year with a Beach Boys Surfin Safari theme.

Student Council was led by Meg Stewart as President, Emilia Pappas as Vice-President and Megan Moran as Secretary/Treasurer. Kemi Mosadomi was the senior class president. Valedictorian Katherine Mooney wrote and directed "The Chalk Line," a play that was performed at the ISAS Fine Arts Festival in Dallas.

Salutatorian Margaret Johnson won the oratory competition. Collette Valteau was awarded the Mater Medal.

Considering this class was blessed with several great writers, we'll look to their words for how best to describe the ASH graduates of 2000. On their last day at ASH, valedictorian Margaret Johnson spoke of the "unique aura of confidence" that the class exuded, and that they could "be a little sassy when it counts... and shake the ground you walk on..." But all in all, when looking back on the roads they had traveled together, the class summed it up with words of wisdom from Dave Matthews Band: "Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain." We missed celebrating your 20th reunion with you in 2020, but it'll be just as sweet next year!

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