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Honoring the Class of 2005

The Class of 2005 marks 15 years since they left the “small pond” of Rosary to enter the great ocean outside of the gates. Their yearbook theme of “All the Fishes of the Sea” kicked off with “A Fish Tale,” which recounted their journey through Sacred Heart starting off with their memories as guppies in Nursery. They dedicated the yearbook to Marion Ramsey with a sweet poem thanking her for sharing her love of earth and life science, for her welcoming spirit, and the sense of adventure she instilled – from dissecting frogs to exploring Dauphin Island. These seniors also gave a shout-out to their moderators:  Mr. Deschamp, Ms. Gentinetta, Mrs. Sarrat, Ms. Dubbin, Mr. Neelis and Mr. Vaicius

Gail McWilliams was voted Mater, Willa Marquis received the Mater Medal and was named Valedictorian, and Sarah Landrum was Salutatorian. The Student Council Exec Board was led by President Louise Acomb, Vice-President Claire Leftwich, Secretary/Treasurer Lauren Slakey and Member-at-Large Emily Scullin.

The Class of 2005 concluded their senior story knowing that their friendships would remain intact regardless of distance. While we wish we could see these fishes this weekend, we look forward to seeing all of them back at Sacred Heart for next year’s reunion!

“We were ready to go out into the great big ocean around us, to test the waters, to each explore our own corner of the world. We were not ready to leave the iron gates of Sacred Heart behind for good, and we knew we wouldn’t have to. We knew that whenever we missed our school, whenever we wanted to reminisce about our memories together, whenever we needed a break from the stormy waters of the real world, we could just swim on back to our beloved Sacred Heart.”

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