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Honoring the Class of 2011

Though we are thrilled to be able to host our 2021 Alumnae Weekend in person, we know that many of our alumnae will join us in celebrating from afar! Like last year, we will celebrate this year’s honor classes as we count down to reunion weekend!

We continue our countdown with a spotlight on the Sacred Heart graduates of 2011, who are celebrating their 10th reunion!

2011 grad picture

ASH Flashback to 2011:
The graduating class of 2011 dedicated their yearbook to Mr. Sewall Vallette, and it followed the theme, "It’s all about the Heart." The class selected Maria Wilhoit to portray Mater.

2011 highlights
2011 memories

How did they remember their years at the Rosary? Read the following excerpts from their Senior Poem:

To the Class of 2011…
Our time at the Heart is no longer here
So let’s take a look back at how far we’ve come through the years. 

Our first days at ASH we all sported keds and blue smocks. 
We made new friends while we played with colored blocks.

Our thoughts in second grade were that gel pens ruled.
In third grade we thought our bonnets and kimonos were so cool. 

Our ceremony for crossing the Bridge was very grim.
Soon, we were thrown in the deep-end to see if we could swim. 

Our least favorite hurricane, named Katrina, cut 7th grade short.
We were scattered all over the country from Houston to New York.

Our return to 4521 St. Charles Avenue was that much more sweet.
Before we knew it, we had gone from youngest to oldest in a heartbeat. 

Our sophomore year was dusted with snow.
We were so excited for all the places we would go. 

Our last first day of school was here at last. 
The toys were back in town, and we were going to have a blast. 

Our last days at ASH quickly came to an end.
We walked out the gate in our white dresses, knowing that one day we would be together again. 

To say these past years have been a blast is a given
After all, it’s all about us, the class of 2011. 

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2011 memories2



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