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Meet the 2019 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Award Recipient: Liz Manthey

The Academy of the Sacred Heart and the Rosary Sacred Heart Alumnae Association are pleased to announce Elizabeth (Liz) Gibbens Manthey as the recipient of the 2019 St. Rose Philippine Duchesne Award. This award is given to an individual who, though not an alumna of the Rosary, has and continues to render outstanding service to the school.

Liz has been an active parent since her oldest daughter Kay ’97 entered kindergarten in 1985, followed by her daughters Meg ’01 and Sarah ’06. For years before she joined the administration in 1997 as the Director of Special Events and Public Relations, she served on many volunteer committees including the auction and Congé. As a staff member, she served on a multitude of school committees including the SHCOG committee the Action committee and the Bicentennial Committee. Outside of Sacred Heart, she volunteered at Stuart Hall and Jesuit.

What does it mean to you to be the recipient of the St. Philippine Duchesne Award?

I am very honored to be the recipient of the St. Philippine Duchesne Award. Sacred Heart has been a driving force in my life for over 35 years, and I have a deep respect for Sacred Heart education and a particular devotion to St. Philippine. I am humbled by this award.

What does Sacred Heart mean to you?

Although I did not attend Sacred Heart, I have been working here for 22 years and have had three daughters graduate from the school.  As the former PR, Communications and Marketing Director, I was fortunate to learn the history of the school and witness its extraordinary growth over the years.  The Goals and Criteria have given me a high standard by which to lead my life, and I strive to commit myself to them on a daily basis.  Working here has been an extraordinary journey that has deepened my faith and strengthened my values while challenging me to constantly change.

How has your time as part of the Sacred Heart community impacted you?

The faculty, staff, administration, students, and parents have had a great influence on my life.  It has been wonderful to be schooled in the Sacred Heart educational charism and realize how that mission has influenced me through the years. In many ways, I feel that I did receive a Sacred Heart education, and that it has sustained me through my time here. 

I feel that I have embraced the mission of Sacred Heart education and of faith, academics, social awareness, community, and personal growth.  These goals have challenged me to refocus my opinions and strive to live a genuine and a more meaningful life that has purpose. 

Many Sacred Heart friends have supported me on this journey.  They have drawn out the best in me and helped me to stay grounded, and encouraged me to continue to strive to be my best self.

As PR Director, I covered and wrote in-depth stories about all the good things that happened on these campuses and witnessed how we all come together in times of joy and sorrow.  We are a family at Sacred Heart, and I feel blessed to have been a part of it for all these years. 

What is your favorite memory at Sacred Heart?

My favorite memory has been to see my three daughters graduate from Sacred Heart.  They all have different gifts and Sacred Heart enabled them to develop and use their talents to be women who make a difference in their communities.

Anything else you'd like to share?

It has been an honor to work at The Rosary for 22 years. I thank Sr. Miller for calling me and asking me to apply for the job, and for Sr. Guste’s vision to place me in my current role supporting Formation to Mission.

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