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Academy of the Sacred Heart community celebrates Black History Month

The Evolution of Black History Month

Beginning as Negro History Week, Black History Month has long stood as a poignant reminder of the extraordinary contributions made by African Americans in this country. After earning his Ph.D. in 1912 from Harvard University, historian and public school teacher Carter Woodson recognized the imperative need for the inclusion of black history in the curriculum. Consequently, he founded Negro History Week, which later evolved into the now-celebrated Black History Month.

Black HIstory Month 24

Black History is an ongoing narrative that encapsulates the past, present, and the promise of the future.

Celebrations in the New Orleans-Metro Community

As we all know, New Orleans stands as a cultural hub with a storied history. Whether it's immersing oneself in literature, dedicating time to volunteering, savoring some delectable soul food, or simply basking in the warmth of community – Black History Month provides us with yet another opportunity to delve into the roots of our city and envision where we are headed.

This February, we encourage you to embrace New Orleans' Black history in a manner that resonates authentically with you and your family. Take a moment to explore the link below, offering the New Orleans Black History Itinerary, which presents a range of ideas on how to engage and participate this month!

New Orleans Black History Itinerary >

Let's celebrate and honor the vibrant contributions of the Black community to our city's narrative.

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