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Betsie Gambel, former PR Director at Sacred Heart, receives Association of Fundraising Professionals Board of Directors award.

Betsie Gambel has always had a desire to help and is active in the community through professional and volunteer work. The award symbolizes a significant contribution through philanthropic programming to the betterment of the quality of life in our community and in Louisiana by individuals, community organizations, families and nonprofit organizations.

Betsie Gambel philanthropy issue

Betsie Gambel is the honoree for the Board of Directors Award.

She founded Gambel Communications in 2009, spending her career advancing opportunities for women, nonprofits and partnerships. In recognition of that commitment, she was named the Small Business Administration’s Regional Women’s Business Champion and inducted into CityBusiness’ Woman of the Year Hall of Fame.

She served as president of the Junior League of New Orleans and was a board member of the Academy of Sacred Heart ('98-04), Louisiana Children’s Museum and the Clarion Herald, among others.

Betsie’s passion for forging great connections is reflected in her building awareness for countless nonprofits.

Katie Alpert,
Member, AFP Greater New Orleans Chapter

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